The older I get, the larger the pill box I need……..

I used to be able to fit all the pills I needed to carry around with me in one tiny little silver “stamp” box and even at that they were just a couple of aspirin or ibuprofen for the occasional headache or pain.

My old box shown here with a dime. Small.

Now with all the vitamins and nutraceuticals I take 3 times a day just to keep going, I need a *tip truck of a pill box to haul those around.

Here’s the size of my latest pill buddy.

*Tip truck – When taking an Australian friend to the movies here in the US, he cried out  “a tip truck” when he saw the size of our popcorn buckets. It can never be anything else after that and while my new pill box is not quite that big, it does border on that compared to my olden. By the way, a tip truck is what a dump truck is called in Australia.