UITA Hallmark – United Indian Traders Association

Hi Paula,

First of all, Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email – i recently purchased a small silver thunderbird pendant that has a small turquoise stone. On the back, there is a Hallmark that reads:
UI (arrowhead)TA 10
¬†i believe the hallmark is for ‘United Indian Trade Assoc.’ but my question is, what does the number represent?
Thank You Again Paula!

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UITA is the stamp of United Indian Traders Association, which was formed in 1931 for the express purpose of authenticating Native American Indian crafts.

Here is an excerpt from the Fourth Edition of

Native American and Southwestern Silver Hallmarks by Bille Hougart






IHMSS IHMS HMIJ UITA Hand Made by Indians and more


Any idea about this mark?

Thanks, Jeff.

Hi Jeff,

There are a number of general marks that were used to denote that items were made by Native American Indians, usually Navajo. These include

IHMSS which stands for Indian Hand Made Sterling Silver

IHMS which stands for Indian Hand Made Silver (so would refer to items made with coin silver or other silver of a lesser silver content than sterling silver)

HAND MADE BY INDIANS which often refers to items that were made at a shop or collective where a number of NA artists worked, some doing silversmithing, some preparing stones, some setting stones etc.

I’ve also seen HMIJ which stands for Hand Made Indian Jewelry

and UITA which stand for United Indian Traders Association.

All of these designations were intended to identify the items as Native American made. Although they often appear alone, I’ve also seen most of these stamps along with an artist’s name or hallmark to designate the particular artist who made the piece.

I hope this helps but the bottom line is that you have a very handsome ring !