Could this be a bracelet by Navajo artist Rose Draper?

Hi Paula

I have a HUGE unsigned bracelet which looks very much in the style of Rose Draper’s stuff. The turquoise is the size of the palm of my hand. I have the following questions:

Did she sign all of her pieces?

Is she (or her family)still alive and if so how could I contact her?

Do you know the source (mine) of the turquoise she used.

I’m trying to identify the turquoise for the purpose of my will.

It weighs 155g. The top measures 97 x 62mm. The Turquoise is 69 x 58mm.

Each side has a different design. The pictures are scanned not photographed.

I know this is not your job but any help in answering my questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance….


!cid_image002_jpg@01CE50B6 !cid_image004_jpg@01CE50B6 !cid_image006_jpg@01CE50B6Hi Joan,

After handling  a good number of Rose Draper’s pieces, I would say probably not by her. I base this on the following:

All pieces we have by her are hallmarked.

I have never seen one by her that is even remotely this big and heavy.

The design elements are quite different from the ones she used.

You have a beautiful bracelet and it certainly seems to be made by a Navajo silversmith. I’d be guessing at the mine from this one scan. It could be Fox Mountain – I own several pieces myself that are from that mine and look very similar to this stone. But there are stone experts out there that might read this post and give another opinion.


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