Navajo Cuff Bracelet – Tom Hawk

I had a silver cuff bracelet with Tom Hawk engraved inside. I looked them up by surfing for the website.
Double Carinated Navajo Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by Tom Hawk

Double Carinated Navajo Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by Tom Hawk

I have this necklace that I bought at Dillards. The sales lady insisted it was silver, but after a while I noticed that the silver was rubbing off. I get a red itchy rash if it’s not real silver or gold.
What I was wondering, I like my necklace. Could anyone at Tom Hawk jewelry make the same necklace for me in silver. All of it silver. I don’t like shiny silver, I guess I like raw silver. Anyway, is it possible for this to be done?
Thanks, CF

I have emailed one other time, and I don’t know if the email got to it’s destination. I bought a silver necklace from Dillards. The sales person said it was silver and I wouldn’t have a allergic reaction. The necklace was “silver plated” NOT real silver. So, I found this problem out because the silver was rubbing off, and I’m not sure what metal it was, but I had a reaction to it. The claw clasp was this dark metal maybe nickel.,..I don’t know.
The thing is I want my necklace, it was perfect, and it’s just so frustrating. Anyway, I wanted to send the necklace to Tom Hawk jewelers to see if they could replicate the necklace in all silver. Not shiny just real silver. Can this be done? I hope so.
Hi Cindy,
Sorry for the delay in replying. I answer emails in the order they arrive as time permits.
We don’t take custom orders and 95% of the artists we deal with don’t accept custom orders.
Here are a couple of other posts that talk about why special orders aren’t an option with us.
The necklace you purchased at the department store was likely a nickel alloy under the sterling silver plating – once the sterling silver wears off – the metal underneath can cause a skin reaction. Many people are affected that way.
When someone says something  is “silver”, it usually means silver-tone (silver colored) or silver plated. If it is Sterling Silver, they usually say it is “sterling” or “sterling silver” and the piece would be stamped either Sterling or Sterling Silver or STER or 925 on the back.
Read all about silver here.
Tom Hawk makes great rings to match the cuff bracelets.


6 thoughts on “Navajo Cuff Bracelet – Tom Hawk

  1. Hi, I purchased a belt buckle for my husband at a Navajo store back in 2006 and I purchased it because it said, TOM HAWK, STERLING. This is what is stamped on the back of this belt buckle. The silver has worn off, I took it to a jeweler to ask them to fix it for me and they told me they wouldn’t do it. It was also pointed out that it is stamped STERLING, it should be solid and it is clearly not. I paid for STERLING because my husband is allergic to alloys, he now cannot wear this very expensive belt buckle because the silver has come off and there is definitely an alloy underneath which causes him sores. I would like TOM HAWK to answer to me as to why this belt buckle is not STERLING. I would like this matter resolved please. The belt buckle is heat treated just like the ring and bracelet you are mentioning here.

    Thanks, Connie

    • Connie,
      Take a deep breath.
      You did not buy the buckle from us.
      If you want to resolve the matter, you need to contact the store where you purchased it.
      Either they can answer your concerns or they can put you in touch with Tom Hawk.
      We have nothing to do with your buckle and can not help you.

  2. Paula can I send you a picture of my just purchased Squace Blossom necklace? Maybe you can tell what tribe made it or something.


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