Native American Hallmarks – Navajo KK back to back


I have a storyteller ring that has the mark: KK    The K’s are actually back to back. Any idea whose mark this is? Here is the same mark on a bracelet I  have.

Thanks so much, Sandy

Hi Sandy,

We have baby rattles that are sometimes marked KK but the initials are not back to back, they are side by side like normal. That hallmark as well as KS and VS are associated with Navajo artists Kathleen and Veronica Scott.

Sterling Silver Navajo Baby Twist Rattle with hallmarks KS, KV, or KK by Kathleen and Veronica Scott

However, I did see another seller have an item with the hallmark like yours. I’ll send you her contact info. Let me know what you find out OK?

Hello Paula,

Here is what the other seller wrote.:

I’m sorry but I have been unable to trace this mark to an actual name–I’ve located the artisan’s work in several trading posts and s/he is always listed only as “Navajo KK”. Native Americans have traditionally be reluctant to sign pieces because of traditional values and religious beliefs. They only do so now because they must in order to get top dollar for their work under Federal law. Even today, with common initials or one initial marks, it is impossible to be completely certain who made the piece unless you receive it directly from the maker.

Well Sandy,

I think she’s right in most regards. I thought I’d post this in case another reader might know. If so, please add a comment to this post. I’m sure Sandy would appreciate it and I’d like to know too !

Thanks to Diane for reminding me that that hallmark belongs to Navajo artist Kee Brown who specializes in storyteller items – in fact we’ve sold several of his pieces in our store including this bracelet.

Horse Storyteller Bracelet by Navajo artist Kee Brown click on photo to see more information


19 thoughts on “Native American Hallmarks – Navajo KK back to back

  1. Hi Paula!
    The KK back to back is the hallmark of Navajo Kee Brown. He specializes in storyteller pieces and has been silversmithing for quite a few years – at least 18 to 20 that I know of. I’ve seen bracelets, barrettes, rings, and concho belts. He works in sterling and sometimes add 12kt Gold Fill. His concho belts are usually in an overlay rug pattern.

    • hello Paula-I have a bracelet with the back to back K. There is also an inscription or engraving inside that reads FROM M.B.G. TO A.B.T. DEC 25 1910 the back to back K has a circle around it.

  2. Hi Paula and Diane,

    Thanks for the info on the hallmark on my ring and bracelet. I have a few storyteller pieces that I always get compliments on. I’ll keep looking for storyteller items in your store.

  3. Hello Paula – I have been following your articles with great interest. What a great education I am receiving on topics seldom published with professional information from a credible source. Paula – are you planning to compile this material in a book someday? I love to read it at night in bed before I go to sleep – and your writings would probably lead me into pleasant and happy dreams.

    • Thank you so much Barby ! I saw that there was a need for a discussion of this sort on the internet so decided to give it a whirl ! From the responses and number of questions in the queue, it seems like there are a lot of Native American jewelry (and artifact) enthusiasts out there. I too find the topics soothing……something about the spirit behind it all. The book idea is a good one. Thanks for writing and please visit often ! Paula

  4. I’ve seen 2 KK back to back marks attributed to Kee Brown, one conjoined, on storyteller pieces and one separate, on overlay that is similar to Hopi work. Are they the same person or has one mark been misidentified somewhere on the web and just taken as fact and perpetuated, as I so often see?

  5. I have 2 carved turquoise rings with the hallmark KK with the K’s facing each other. Do you have any information on this hallmark’s maker.

  6. I have a set of Sterling Silver and I believe the turquoise is “Sleeping Beauty” Petit Point earrings … I am stumped on the Artisan hallmark … Will you please help me with this?? … It is the letter K and sterling on the back of both earrings … They look Navajo to me … I could really use your Expert Knowledge on this … Thank*You very much … :O)

  7. I have an oval shaped silver bracelet with a clear looking stone in it-it has the back to back K and there is a circle around the k’s. There is also an inscription on it that reads FROM M.B.G. TO A.B.T. DEC 25 1910 I would love to know more about the artist

  8. I have a native american copper with alot of jade, watch band with the letters Kv it was large K and small v does anyone know who the jewely mark it is

  9. I am !Ooklng to purchase a bracelet that is an interlocked kV. The first .Backslash of the v is the gdownleg of the k. IIT is a modernist design but I couldn’t find anything and the jeweler sells mostly Navajo. If anyone knows I would be grateful.

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