Navajo Silversmith Roland Dixson

Navajo silversmith and artist Roland Dixson produces traditional sterling silver pieces with excellent casting and stampwork.

Roland Dixson Naja Pendant

Roland Dixson Naja Pendant

Characteristics of his style include scalloped edges with deeply domed centers.

Roland Dixson belt buckle with scalloped edges

Roland Dixson belt buckle with scalloped edges

The stamping is deep, intricate and not repetitive from piece to piece. He also incorporates repousse as evidenced in the photo showing the back of the buckle.

Roland Dixson buckle back showing evidence of repousse

Roland Dixson buckle back showing evidence of repousse

Repousse is a technique whereby metal is hammered into relief from the reverse side.

From the pieces that have come through our store, it appears that Roland Dixson uses only natural, untreated turquoise. Here is his hallmark.

Roland Dixson hallmark

Roland Dixson hallmark

I don’t know much about this artist so if anyone has any biographical information, I’d love to hear it.

Recently Roland wrote me and here is what he said:

“Hello this is Roland Dixson, I make different piece from conch belts, to rings pendants, buckles and bracelets…I also can be contacted @ Dick Elkins Trading in Thoreou, NM. (505) 862-7000. , I’m thankful you got a good eye for my work I enjoy what I do, I have many mentors just to name a few the late Kirk Smith, Tommy Singer, Thomas Curtis and Tommy Billie. All well known silver Smiths. They also shared some of their skills with me. Thank you. Roland Dixson”

Here are some more of the pieces he is currently working on.






12 thoughts on “Navajo Silversmith Roland Dixson

  1. I was wondering if you might have any information on a hallmark “plateroine Navajo”. I have looked through my books and googled it and all I find is lots of his or their jewelry for sale. Thanks for your help.


  2. I have a buckle by Roland Dixson; it is one of the first pieces I ever bought for my collection. I love his work. The buckle is traditional revival with something applied to give it that old look with what looks like a Royston Turquoise cab in the center. Exceptional. I have not seen much more of his work around. The buckle pictured in this article is gorgeous and unique.

  3. I have the most beautiful buckle by this artist that I bought years ago. It was one of the first pieces I ever bought. I don’t know any biographical information on him but the piece was purchased from a trader out of Albuquerque.

    • Yes, his work is very good ! We have had a few pieces in our store as well……….he did write a note to me at this blog above your comment, perhaps I will get some more biographical information on him to add to my article. Paula

  4. I came to Santa Fe for my 60th birthday celebration. I have a deep affection for Navajo turquoise/silver jewelry. I am particularly fond of the deep blue turquoise laced with bands of black from the Kingman mines. The only piece that caught my eye on this trip is one created by Roland Dixson. The stamping and silverwork is extraordinary and the color of the turquoise is exactly what I am looking for. Ironically, my maiden name is Dixon so this feels like karma. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the piece then and there. I am in touch with the vendor and I hope to bring it home with me. I would love to know more about this artist and this particular piece (is this Kingman turquoise or have I discovered another mine to my liking?). Is there any way I can provide a photo to get more information about the piece?

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