Zuni Artists Martin and Esther Panteah

Martin and Esther Panteah have worked together on their jewelry since 1973. Martin does the stone work and both Martin and Esther work on the silver. They specialize in both stone-on-stone inlay and channel inlay.

Their hallmark is M T PANTEAH and ZUNI

Here is an example of their work. This exquisite Antelope Kachina bracelet was likely made in the 1970s. It is 1 3/4″ wide all around and weighs 117 grams. Made from Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Coral, Acoma Jet and sterling silver. The rounded edges are a signature finishing technique of Martin’s and a very difficult one to do so well.

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From Zuni the Art and the People

From Who’s Who in Zuni Jewelry


4 thoughts on “Zuni Artists Martin and Esther Panteah

  1. I have a three-tiered pin, almost like a military insignia or ribbon signed as “Martin & Esther Panteah Zuni.” It’s very much in keeping with the items on the page with Martin’s signature, turquoise, coral and MOP inlay with silver separating the stones. I purchased it as a teenager in the 70s when I got a few bucks and you go go to the local mall and find NA jewelry for sale. My sister, who gave me the money for my birthday or something, was angry that I “blew it” on something like that. Boo on her. LOL!

  2. I have a Martin panteah bracelet like the one in this picture has some damage to stones would like to know how to send to him for repairing to original condition

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