My Robert Kelly Bracelet looks different………

Hi Paula,

I recently inherited a robert kelly bracelet. I looked him up on your website and his jewelery is diff looking then mine. Are there different robert Kelly’s? Your jewelry is beautiful by the way! Thank you! Alley

!cid_7D618226-8D9B-40BE-BDEB-11A6B84F9CCD !cid_411EE1A3-06FC-403E-8D0F-44EDA522C330 !cid_8023086B-7E54-4C8B-92F5-10BB9E444D38Hi Alley,

Wow, what a beauty. I’m in love with blue so your bracelet dazzles me !

As far as I know there is just one Robert Kelly and he signs his work ROBT. KELLY just like your bracelet and this one in our store are signed.

NBT384-turq-feather-med-kelly-1It is not unusual for an artist to create very different looking pieces, in fact, we find that many artists are continually reinventing themselves – both to stay interested and to keep things interesting for their customers.

We’ve always loved Robert Kelly’s feather items and that is mainly what we carry including his rings.

NR332-ABC-feather-kelly-1One final note……some of the hallmark books show a Robert Kelley who signs his name ROBT. KELLEY…… ???? I’m at a loss on whether this is one and the same person.

Enjoy your beautiful inheritance !

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