What is the significance of my Hopi bracelet?

May 8, 2014
Hi, Paula!

My name is Chelsea and I had a few questions about a Hopi overlay bracelet I got as a gift a few years ago.

I have been trying to research what the different symbols mean and exactly who the artist is. There is a capital “T” outlined next to the word sterling. The capital T is not filled.

On the bracelet, there are waves across the top with another symbol underneath lining the bracelet that I have not been able to find anywhere online.

I never take the bracelet off and it is important to me to figure out what it all means.

Thank you for your help! I hope you’re having a great day 🙂


!cid_54A921EC-5951-47A6-84CA-1F3367AA77C2 !cid_F23AD5A3-F2DE-4AC6-8D81-44CB9E0A61A2Hi Chelsea,

The thick T that is not filled in is actually an antelope rattle, the hallmark of Hopi artist Floyd Namingha Lomakuyvaya of the Strap Clan in the village of Shungopavi. He learned from Kenneth Kuwanvayouma and started producing in 1973.

I can see why you are wearing this bracelet every day – it is beautiful.

As far as the symbolism, Hopi designs can be quite stylized. The waves are pretty certainly there to represent water. As far as the bottom portion of the design, I think it is half of a badger paw but I am not sure. Perhaps others might chime in as to what the lower half of the design represents.


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