Is there a green turquoise that has no blue in it at all?

Daer Paula,

I am interested in purchasing the Authentic Navajo
Adjustable Turquoise Choker at $89 by Susan Teller Kingman. The website
says it is green turquoise. Does this mean that it is really green?
Silly question, I know colors are subjective, but there is “green”
turquoise that is not blue at all. On the computer what I see seems to
be a deep turquoise color with a greenish cast and that is what I want.

If colors do not match is it possible to return the item for a
restocking fee?

thank you for your time and any information.



Hello Alicia,

I got out that necklace and looked at it in the office light (which is fluorescent) and outside in natural light and I’d say the photos on my computer screen look accurate in
color but I’ve asked the webmaster to alter the word description to this

Blue turquoise flat ovals alternating with blue and green turquoise heishi
and sterling silver disc beads.

My overall impression is that the necklace looks blue with the ends looking
a bit more green than blue……and the turquoise heishi throughout
alternating between green and blue.

As you said it is relative – we all see blues and greens differently.

bluegreendivide2and depending on the settings and condition of computer monitors, the colors you might be seeing are different than what I am seeing.

17f3mzzx04r2tjpgUnderneath the following photos I will write the color I see. What do you see?









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