Unknown Hallmark on Vintage Claw Pendant

This vintage (perhaps 1960-1980?) claw pendant has all the characteristics of being Navajo made.

It does have a hallmark but I have been unable to connect it to a specific artist.

It is similar to many leaf and feather hallmarks, but none quite like this.

If anyone does know this hallmark, please let me know ! thanks, Paula

Real Bear Claw Necklace – can you tell me anything about it?

Hello Paula. I have a Bear Claw Squash Blossom necklace. I got it at an estate auction in 1989, in Bowman ND. It is missing one claw. They are real claws,  it is made of silver. It say “Craig” on the back. Is there anything more you may be able to tell me about it? Rob

1025130554a 1205131756 1205131756aRob,

Without seeing the hallmark, I can’t say for sure. There are several Navajo silversmiths in the Craig family.

If you would like to send a clear photo of the hallmark, that would help.

What is that hanging down between the two claws of the drop? Can’t quite get a fix on it. I’m thinking it might be a piece of Mother of Pearl (MOP) to coordinate with what appears to be MOP set above the turquoise on the two sidepieces.

The assembly of this necklace is not typical. The curved reinforcements are unusual.

I wouldn’t call this a squash blossom necklace. Although it is true, it is strung on double silver beads typical of squash blossom necklaces, that is about where the similarity ends.

Below is a traditional squash blossom necklace complete with squash blossoms.

N201-squash-turq-nugget-1And this next one is a bear claw squash blossom necklace.N150-SD-bearclaw-turq-coral-2 I look forward to receiving the photo of the hallmark.  Paula

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I Want to Make My Boyfriend a Bear Claw Necklace for Christmas

Hi Paula

I want to make my boyfriend a bear claw necklace for Christmas, but I can’t seem to find a mount to put the claw in. Do you have any suggestions on where I could find something like this?
Thank you!



Bear Claw Pendant by Navajo Ernie Hawthorne


Hi Arielle,

Many of the Native American artists purchase their supplies from Indian Jewelers Supply so that is where I would start if I were you.

Best of luck with your project and Beary Christmas to you and your boyfriend !


Bear Claw Necklace by Navajo Elaine Sam



Bear Paw or Bear Claw? Necklace or Pendant?



I am looking for a bear claw necklace. I saw you had one for sale ( bear claw, sterling silver and turquoise and coral, leaves and rain drops.)  I would like to see if you can make one for sale like that one.


Hi Stuart,

I’m not sure exactly which item you were looking at. If you would like to send a URL of the page where the item was sold, that would be best.

But in the meantime, here are a few definitions of how terms are used when referring to Native American jewelry. My husband says it is a girl thing to know what these things mean and boys often use the wrong terms ! Just so we are talking about the same thing here……….

A pendant is a separate piece that is hung on a chain, collar, beads or leather thong.

A necklace is a complete unit that encircles the neck- it may or may not have a central piece or pendant.

A bear claw pendant or necklace is one made with a bear claw (real or faux) or out of other materials in the shape of a bear claw.

A bear paw necklace or pendant is made in the likeness of a print of the bear’s paw.

Now for some examples.

Native American Bear Claw Pendant

Native American Bear Claw Pendant

Sterling Silver Native American Bear Claw Pendant

Sterling Silver Native American Bear Claw Pendant

Vintage Native American Bear Claw Necklace

Vintage Native American Bear Claw Necklace

Native American Bear Paw Necklace with Pendant

Native American Bear Paw Necklace with Pendant

Native American Bear Paw Necklace

Native American Bear Paw Necklace

Now as far as your last question – can we make a specific one for you?  We don’t make any jewelry here. We purchase all of the new items we sell from Native American artists who make the items. Here’s how that goes. The artists tend to gather their materials in the fall and work over the winter on their jewelry. In the early spring, they start offering what they have made for sale. We make several trips during the spring and summer to purchase what we need for our store.

As far as special order items, when we first opened our web store, we took a few special orders but in 95% of the cases, either the item was not as expected, it took too long to make, or the customer changed their mind. The stone was the wrong color or size, the bracelet was too big or too small, the necklace was too long or too short………So we no longer take any special orders.

But it is always a good idea to keep an eye on our new page and the Pawn Shop where we add items daily and we never know what is going to come into the Pawn Shop.

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